Pulley Career Center

Vision Statement Pulley is a collaborative community of young adults with varying abilities, educators, families, and community members committed to providing opportunities that prepare all students to successfully transition from school to adult life.  Through modified curriculum, instruction and individualized experiences that foster independence and self-advocacy, the Pulley community will help students develop employability, independent living, and social skills. Students will leave Pulley better prepared to face the challenges of the future.

Mission Statement The Pulley Career Center strives to meet the career educational needs of all students regardless of their personal challenges.  The Pulley Career Center is committed to:

  • Providing career and independent life skills training to students with disabilities.
  • Empowering a diverse population of students for transition to a variety of post-secondary options.
  • Providing students with the requisite skills for self-determination, independent living, and education for employment.
  • Coordinating the transition of all students with post-secondary service providers.

Successful transition is facilitated through a continuum of instructional strategies, interdisciplinary team services, technology utilization, and community resources.


The Pulley Career Center works together as a school to come up with meaningful and purposeful goals for the betterment of our student population and school environment. Please click on this link Pulley SIIP At A Glance to view at what Pulley is working on this year 2019-20 school year.