Life and Career Skills


Pulley is currently using WRS, CTE VERSO - Education for Employment I and other curriculum resources in partnership with the Davis Career Center. We are striving to implement a map curriculum resources that prepares our students to enter a world in which technology and communication are critical components for success.

As we work collaboratively through this process, we will continue to provide students with educational experiences to develop the following essential skills:

Occupational Guidance and Preparation including:
  • Development and application of fundamental employability skills
  • Work Readiness
  • Knowing and exploring occupational possibilities
  • Selecting and planning occupational choices
  • Planning for transition into work force
Independent Living Skills including:
  • Skills necessary for living independently
  • Independent community travel
  • Essential reading/math literacy skills
Personal Social Skills including:
  • Self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Social responsibility
  • Interpersonal communication and relationships
  • Decision-making
Self-Advocacy Skills including:
  • Requesting accommodations
  • Seeking assistance
  • Participation in transition planning