Job Site Teams

The Pulley Career Center has a variety of job site teams for students to learn different transitional skills in order to work to be gainfully employed.

Culinary Arts

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Learn the basics of cooking and restaurant work
  • Prepare weekly dinners for the Knights of Columbus

Fort Hunt Elementary School

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Support library operations
  • Complete clerical tasks for teachers and office staff
  • Clean common areas
  • Fill breakfast and lunch bags in the kitchen
  • Assist with various other tasks assigned by Fort Hunt Staff

Franconia Recreation Center

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Sanitize workout equipment
  • Sanitize and clean soft play preschool areas
  • Pick up litter and debris from the outdoor property
  • Maintain cleanliness of gym and basketball court
  • Assist REC Center staff as needed

Building and Trades in-house Shop

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Fill custom tee shirt printing orders
  • Complete laser engraving projects and orders
  • Wash exterior and detail interior of customer vehicles
  • Minor car maintenance
  • Refinish furniture pieces
  • Assemble furniture pieces

Greenspring Retirement Community

Village Square

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Work in the dining hall cleaning and preparing tables
  • Wrapping silverware
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning hallway railings

Town Center

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Wash dishes
  • Sanitize dining halls
  • Set tables
  • Sort silverware
  • Roll silverware
  • Vacuum
  • Decorate for holidays/events

Capital View Residence Inn Marriott

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Wipe tables and chairs in the main dining room
  • Mop floors
  • Take out trash and recycling
  • Vacuum floors 3 - 14
  • Sanitize gym equipment
  • Collect dishes on the landings
  • Clean silverware for The Renaissance (sister hotel)

Brew-Tea-Ful Cafe

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Work in the student-run coffee shop in Pulley Career Center
  • Complete basic training with kitchen hygiene and safety
  • Bake treats for the coffee shop
  • Make cafe drinks
  • Complete basic food prep
  • Take inventory
  • Plan menus
  • Wash dishes
  • Sweeping, cleaning, and sanitizing
  • Handle money
  • Demonstrate good customer service skills
  • Partner with Pawfectly Delicious by providing the dough for their dog treats

FCPS Library Services

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Open boxes shipped from Mackin books
  • Check Librarian's book orders for damages
  • File invoices
  • Bin FCPS books turned into the local public libraries
  • Various jobs to support ESY, ATS, Preschool, and the print shop departments

Northern Virginia Community College

This site is currently on pause.

Montebello Condominiums

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Disinfect surfaces and resident doors
  • Leaf and debris removal from community trails
  • Clean parking garages
  • Vacuum residents halls
  • Set up for events

Springhill Suites Marriott

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Clean and disinfect lobby tables and chairs
  • Clean luggage carts
  • Assist with stocking the market
  • Fold towels and pillowcases
  • Clean and wipe down gym equipment in the Fitness Center
  • Vacuum meeting room and wipe tables
  • Vacuum guest floors
  • Vacuum front lobby
  • Take out trash to the dumpster
  • Disinfect room key cards

Courtyard Marriott

Results Fitness

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Do basic cleaning of the equipment
  • Disinfect machines, weights, and bikes
  • Mop and vacuum
  • Refill bottles
  • Fold towels
  • Clean tables, doors, lockers, and benches
  • Assist in the Day Care

West Potomac High School Library

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Do basic cleaning of tables, desks, and computers
  • Collect books
  • Shelve books
  • Check in books
  • Put up signs and posters

Crystal Gateway Marriott

At this site, Pulley students:

  • Sort linens and towels by size into large sorting bins
  • Vacuum guest floors, wipe down vending and ice machines on guest floors
  • Remove, replace bed linens/towels, collect room trash
  • Do basic food prep; place bacon on a tray, cutting fruits and vegetables, occasional opportunity to bread chicken, make sandwiches
  • Do basic dessert prep; cut donuts in prep for bread pudding, tray cookies for baking, plate cookies for display, plate cake slices, garnish dessert plates (whipped cream, fruit, chocolate sauce, etc.)

Crystal City Marriott

This site is currently on pause.

Bucknell Elementary School

At this site, Pulley students:


  • Prepare Breakfasts
  • Wipe down tables
  • Restock utensil caddies
  • Pass out trays to students
  • Gather student trash


  • Cut out program materials
  • Collect returned books from classrooms
  • Sharpen pencils
  • Face shelves
  • Various short term projects as the needs come up


  • Sweep leaves up on walkways
  • Sweep hallways
  • Clean windows

STEAM room

  • Restart computers
  • Various projects as needed (sorting Legos, prepping materials for lessons)


  • Organize files

Math Coach

  • Cut out math manipulatives for math programs


  • Filing glue
  • Prep materials
  • Sharpen pencils


  • File Thursday folders
  • Collect Recycling