Bell Schedule

School Hours

Each school day begins at 8:00am and ends at 3:20pm.

All students remain at Pulley on Mondays unless assigned to certain independent job sites.

Students assigned to job sites work Monday through Friday.  It is MANDATORY for students to arrive promptly to school in order to arrive at their training sites on time.  Students who arrive late will be sent home or will be assigned to AIA for the day.

Lunch for students at Pulley when in school on specific days such as (i.e; early-day dismissal, two-delays, special events where students do not access the jobsites)  from 10:15 am– 10:45 am. Students may bring or purchase their lunches.  Information about lunch at community-based training sites will be provided by teachers during the first weeks of school.

Dismissal times for Early Release and Delayed school days will be announced to students prior to the date for the Early Release.  Written communication will be sent home with students and the specific dismissal times will be noted on the website calendar as well.

Late Openings and Early Dismissals due to inclement weather are announced by FCPS.